Coimbatore Cotton Balls

These cotton balls by Coimbatore’s Cotton™ are made of a breathable cotton material which is beneficial for daily makeup use.

These cotton balls are extremely soft and do not provide any harm to your skin. They have absorbent properties which will absorb any excessive unwanted liquids from your face & Entire Body .

A ball of soft, absorbent cotton, often used to remove cosmetics or to cushion fragile objects.

Life-changing Ways You Should Start Using Cotton Balls.

Ward off rabbits

If hungry bunnies keep nibbling your garden, keep them away with some cotton balls soaked with distilled white vinegar. You can either leave the cotton balls out in the open around your plants, or place them in a small container, like a film canister or plastic takeout box, with holes poked in the top. Read these tips for growing the perfect vegetable garden.

Perfect your pedicure

Sure you use cotton balls to remove your old nail polish, but they come in handy as you start your next pedicure too. Stick them between your toes to separate your piggies for a smudge-free paint job.

Apply and fix makeup

Because they can bend into whatever shape you need, cotton balls make a handy applicator when you want to sweep highlighter on a specific area along your cheekbones. You can also use a clean one to blend in any harsh lines while contouring, or buff away blush when you accidentally add too much pigment. Using cotton balls could help you avoid these makeup mistakes that make you look sloppy.

Keep insects/ants away

If you have unwelcome visitors crawling around your BBQ, make a homemade ant trap. Mix together a tablespoon each of hot water and sugar, then add half a teaspoon of borax. Soak a cotton ball with the solution, and place it where ants are gathering. The sugar will attract the bugs, and the borax will poison them. These are other common items that can help get rid of ants.

Pack makeup

You won’t want to lug around full-size makeup bottles for just an overnight trip. For a solution that keeps your bag light, wipe a bit of blush, powder, and bronzer onto cotton balls and stash in a plastic baggie. During longer trips when you’ll want the full product, stick a cotton ball between the makeup and mirror in a compact to act as a cushion and prevent a mess of crushed powder. Don’t miss these other tips for packing makeup to avoid breaks and cracks during travel.

Prevent blisters

When you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes, stick a cotton ball inside wherever it’s rubbing against your skin to add some cushioning and keep your feet pain-free. If a blister has already cropped up, just use a cotton ball as a barrier between the wound and your footwear. Try these other home remedies for blisters to feel better quickly.

Battle mildew

Mold tends to pop up in areas or on items that get too much moisture, like in the bathroom or basement. To fight the mildew, leave a few bleach-soaked cotton balls where the mold likes to grow. Give them a couple hours to work their magic, then clean the area with warm water after you remove them.

Create a simple fragrance diffuser

Dribble a few drops of vanilla extract or an essential oil on a small bunch of cotton balls. Leave the cotton balls in a pretty bowl and place them on a shelf in your bathroom, fridge, or garbage can. The scent is mild but will keep things smelling fresh.