Hair Coloring Kit

Hair Dye Coloring Brushes, Hair Coloring Dyeing Kit,
Handle Salon Hair Bleach Tinting DIY Tool


Includes 1-5 pack silver grey hair dye brushes, enough to meet your different needs when you color your hair, you can apply them to tint different colors

Practical hair dye brushes

These silver grey hair tint brushes are good for hairdressing salon and home personal application, they are necessary accessories for DIY hair dyeing

Good quality hair coloring brushes

These brushes are made of good quality plastic material and design with a tapering handle, the handle is in suitable length, which gives you a comfortable feeling to grip

White nylon brush

The white delicate brush is made of nylon, will not get your hair stuck on the brush, which makes coloring much easier and neater, and help efficiently catch more hair dye and evenly spread on your hair


The hair dye brushes measure 22 x 4.8 cm/ 8.7 x 1.9 inches, the brushes are suitable for hair coloring and hair care application